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How Do I Convert PDF File Into Excel On Pc Without Loosing Data On A?

Can you convert a PDF file into an Excel file? It is possible to save/convert an Excel file to a PDF file. It is possible to insert/imbed a PDF inside of a spreadsheet (as an image). I am not sure of a currently available option to convert a PDF file format to an Excel file format. However, if the contents of the pdf document is presented as a table (columns, rows), the information might be copied and pasted into an Excel worksheet.

Convert PDF to Excel: All You Need to Know

How to: Save a PDF file to an Excel file To save a PDF to an Excel file: Download the PDF file. Open Excel with Excel 2007 or Excel 2013. Type in the following formula in cell A1: =PRODUCT(A1:A1000, [B1:B10]!=NULL) Where: A1: A number of rows or columns in the PDF file A1000: The number of the last column in the PDF file B1: The number of the first column in the PDF file B10: The last two characters (of the header row) in the PDF file Use Ctrl + A or Command + A to select all the values. You will find the data stored in cell A1 of the spreadsheet, which could be copied and pasted into an Excel worksheet. An alternative method of creating and saving PDF files is by using a reader to open the PDF (such as the free ICL software or dead). The following is the formula for using the Adobe Acrobat Reader..

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