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How Can I Convert A PDF To An Excel File?

You can insert the PDF file into Excel through the Insert menu in different versions of Microsoft Excel, which includes 2007, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2020. Step 1. Open the Excel cell in Microsoft Excel and click the Insert menu next to the Home button. Step 2. Choose the Object button from the Text tab. Step 3. From the Object window, click Create from File and browse the PDF file. Finally, click OK to insert the PDF file. Suppose that you don’t want the PDF file to be visible in the Excel spreadsheet. Remember to tick the Display as Icon box. Besides, you also can insert the PDF file by ticking the Link to file option to link the PDF Document to the Excel cell. How to Insert Multiple PDF Pages into Excel Cell Just in case you need to insert different pages from a PDF file into Excel at a different location. The steps mentioned above will be a problem for you, so during this time, the PDF Converter will be helpful for you. Here I introduce you to the best PDF converter. Bitwar PDF Converter. The only way for you to insert multiple PDF pages into Excel is to split the PDF and add the page separately into Excel. You can use the Split PDF tool in PDF Converter to split the PDF file first. To split PDF. Step 1. Go to the Bitwarsoft Download Center, download and install the PDF converter on your computer. Step 2. Open the converter, and click the Other PDF Tools button. Step 3. There you can see the Split/Rotate PDF tool, now just drag the target PDF file into the window and set the save path. Step 4. Click Convert and wait a moment. Now after finishing the four steps, you can follow the steps mentioned above to insert the PDF pages into Excel.

Convert PDF to Excel: All You Need to Know

After completing all the four steps, you can follow in more details how to insert multiple pages. You can insert multiple pages only when the maximum number of pages is less than or equal to 8 pages. What kind of PDF Converter can be used for the PDF File Insert There are two kinds of PDF Converters available with the free version of BitWarsoft. The free ones are free and the paid ones are not free. If you don't need these features and would like for them, you can pay about 4.90 to get the Pro version of BitWarsoft. The free version is perfect for getting started with PDF Converters and to learn a new application in BitWarsoft. It has all the features available in the Pro version. If you run a business, and you need to get professional productivity applications like PDF Converters and other file formats. The Free version is.

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