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How Do I Open An Xlsx File In Excel 2003: What You Should Know

How to open XLSX in Excel 2007? — Vb ware Open Excel 2023 and locate an Excel 2023 workbook. Click “File​‱ on the menu bar, then click ‬Open.‱ Go to the Worksheet tab on the ribbon. Click the arrow, and select the workbook that's in the same folder as the Excel 2023 workbook. Then you click Open.‱ The XLSX workbook opens in Excel 2023 automatically. How to open XLSX in Excel 97/97-2003/2 — JB You need Microsoft Excel 97, or later. Open Excel, click the tab “File” and then click the tab “All files”. Click “Open”. Then in the window that opens, you have to choose the files. Open one that you wish to open Excel with. It will open Excel with the data in the file. If you have opened other files, then choose one, and open Excel in the file. You should now be able to open the file in Excel. You can change the location of the other files, and also do lots of options.

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