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Instructions and Help about moneythumb pdf to qbo

Hey folks if you're like me you love QuickBooks Online but you hate doing data entry and I have an app that I use called to QBO convert Pro I'll put the link below on the video and in the description and what I do with this application is I'll take a bank statement that's on PDF format so for example let's say I have a bank or a credit card statement in PDF and for whatever reason I couldn't connect it through the bank with QuickBooks directly maybe because it's more than 90 days worth of transactions maybe is old from last year maybe the account was closed maybe I don't know the user name and password and I can't connect it through QuickBooks Online directly so what I do is I take those PDF bank statements and I convert them to a format called web Connect or dot QBO and with that format I can upload it into QuickBooks Online and use it through bank feeds so let me show you what I mean so when you're setting up QuickBooks for the first time usually we go into the banking tab on the left hand side and we click on this connect button but the caveat is with that connect button you have to have your username and password to the bank and you can only get the last 90 days worth so what we want to do is we want to upload the transactions manually now in some cases you will be able to download that CSV or dot qbo file from the bank directly so if you have access to the bank and you have a bank account that's not closed and all that stuff you should be able to download it manually and you don't need any special conversion software to upload it through here however when you're dealing with I only got a statement in PDF format I have to now get all this information convert it into a format that QuickBooks sent can import so what I want to do is I'm going to show you how this works real quick so I have this program called to qbo convert pro installed in my computer and I'm going to show you the previous statement that I was just showing you just now this is the pdf statement that I'm going to now drag over to the software so I can convert it to a format than QuickBooks can imports I'm gonna grab the PDF state drag it over to the software and then when your gonna notice is the software is automatically going to pop up a screen that tells you this is what I read okay so it's got all the dates it's got all the transactions up here in the top right it will get tell you what the beginning balance ending balance total debits total credits is and it tells you whether or not just through the.