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Script To Convert PDF To Csv: What You Should Know

HikaruHara for pointing this out. · 2. Tabular also will not work when the file is larger than 5000 lines. · Thank you very kindly for clarifying this. · 3. Here is my code in case you find Tabular a bit overkill: import son, PDF import tabular import OS file = open('filename.excel'','w') file_tables = [] for line in son.headlines(file): line_names = [] for f in line.split(':')[0:]: line_names.append(f) with open('filename.pdf', 'WB') as f: f.write(line_names) f.flush() file = open('filename.excel'','r') for line in tabular.tabular_table([file['n'] for line in line_names])[0:]: file_tables.append(line) for line in file['n']: file.write(line) file.close() 2. Please also try: import tabular and tab = tabular.read_data() file = open('filename.pdf', 'r') for line in tabular.tabular_table([file['n'] for line in line_names]): file_tables.append(line) for line in file['n']: file.write(line) file.close() 3. Please also try: import PDF. Tabular tables = PDF.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing script to convert pdf to csv


What are some interesting repositories on GitHub that can be used for journalistic purposes?
Good examples would be n Timeline JS a great timeline visualisation tool that can be easily managed via Google Spreadsheets and in any website. TimelineJS s n Open Budget a visualization web app for hierarchical budgets open-budget s n WordPress Post Forking a plugin that adds GitHub logic to WordPress s s n CartoDB Torque a toolkit for mapping time-related big data sets. torque s n simple and lightweight framework for building interactive map applications. s n Luminous Flux the article rethought. lflux s n Real Time Map. real-time-map s n Datawrapper simple yet powerful tool for data visualisations. datawrapper s n Superscrollorama jQuery plugin for creating parallax pages like the now-famous NYT feature uabSnow Fallubb superscrollorama s Make sure to have a look at newly launched Source which is doing pretty much the same as this thread here. They collect code for journalism. s s
What is the way to convert a PDF document to CSV format using Python?
You are right PDF-to-txt tools loose some table formatting depending on how you execute it. I found that if you use `PDFto` you have to `cd` to it location and then execute it. cd . code . parameters code If you run it from different directory like this cd code . parameters code It producespletely different results for tables. I figured it while working on tthis Python script pydemo s It parses PDF table into CSV table. Other scripts hive-scripts s - Extract data from remote Hive to local Windows OS (without Hadoop client).
What is Google Sheets?
Google Sheets is a spreadsheet editor in the Google Docs and Drive productivity suite. It affords real time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing the spreadsheets. Because the spreadsheets are in the cloud and associated with a Google account users and owners of Google Sheets can access them at anyputer without having to carry around a flash drive. Google Sheets can also be used with Google Forms to collect responses or with Pivot Tables or App Script to perform operations and analysis on data in the spreadsheet. Additionally a revision history is kept which allows editors to access any version of the spreadsheet in the past and also keeps a log of who made which edits. Lastly Google Sheets can be converted to different formats (such as Excel or CSV) and are also able to edit Excel .txt and .csv files. More officially the Docs Editors help Overview of Google Docs Sheets and Slides s outlines Google Sheets asn Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet app that lets you create and format spreadsheets and simultaneously work with other people. Here's what you can do with Google Sheetsn Import and convert Excel .csv .txt and .ods formatted data to a Google spreadsheet Export Excel .csv .txt and .ods formatted data as well as PDF and HTML files Use formula editing to perform calculations on your data and use formatting make it look the way you'd like Chat in real time with others who are editing your spreadsheet Create charts with your data Embed a spreadsheet or individual sheets of your spreadsheet on your blog or website For more information about Google Sheets check out the Google Sheets getting started ge. s
Can I automate a PDF to spreadsheet conversions with Python?
I have created a very preliminary script to extract a table from PDF and convert it to CSV using tabula-py. As you know a CSV file can be easily opened in Excel. I am currently facing multiple issues If PDF contains multiple tables then you would need to some how figure out which one is relevant to yours. Multiple lines in a single cell is treated as 2 different rows in tabula-py. So as of now Ive to manually cleanup those lines in excel which is pretty easy to do. 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte code Due to these issues Im not able to extract all of the files at once. So in short it is possible to automate. Ive done it for one of PDF (except manual intervention required for cleaning as mentioned in point 3). Now facing above mentioned issues with other of PDF.
I have a template picture, and a hundreds of pictures which I want to insert into the template, and export to a bitmap, how can I accomplish this?
While one could script GIMP to do this it might be more straight-forward to just use LaTeX or some similar tool. Something along the lines of documentclassstandalonenusepackagegraphicxnnemand1placeagraphicsmashincludegraphicspathto#1clearpagenbegindocumentnplaceagraphicpathto Obvious improvements would be to instead use a CSV for a source file. Once the .PDF is made use typical techniques to convert it into graphics.
Is there software available to do a Mail Merge in Adobe Acrobat?
There's several Acrobat plugins that allow you to do mail merge on PDFs. Ie from the Variable Data print space so my focus is on moreplex solutions that will allow for design logic barcode creation and database connectivity. One thates to mind is Fusion Pro VDP Creator from MaCentral. FusionProuae VDP Creator - It is a powerful platform for merging data with design starting with a PDF in Acrobat but it's not a casual user's tool. It has been in the market for a long long time and as a result incorporates many features that professional mailers have been demanding over the years. It's not cheap but it's definitely worth it if you're in the business. Another is Debenu's PDF Aerialist. Debenu PDF Aerialist | Powerful Acrobatuae plug-in for professionals nIt has a Mail Merge capability that leverages forms and datasets which are CSV or tab-delimited files. You need to convert your mail piece to an Acrobat form but once you do that you're good to go. It's also not cheap but it's not as expensive as Fusion Pro and you get a bunch of other useful PDF tools along with it. Of course you could always roll your own using scripting techniques and forms. See the following for some gance. Excel and Acrobat nThe Debenu solution uses forms as its basis so the method is proven withmercial solutions. Now if you have InDesign you can always place the PDF onto an InDesign page and use its built-in Data Merge functionality to overlay your merge data onto the InDesign page. InDesign Help | Data merge s nYou will need to either delete the information you want to merge from the PDF or cover it up in InDesign of course. You could likely also do this with Word but you'd need to extract the pages from the PDF and place them (InsertPicture from file...) one at a time onto your pages then use floating objects to do the replacement. You may or may not be able to use the PDF as a raw PDF this way; you may need to save it as a bitmap which could cause quality problems when you print. It's clear that there are definitely options to mail merge on PDF. Commercial solutions are good and will do what you want including the Evermap solution you mentioned in your question. Evermap costs a lot less than Fusion Pro or PDF Aerialist so if you just need to mail merge and don't want to code then it might be your best bet. Of course if you have InDesign you can get it done for no additional charge with a little learning about using Data Merge.
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