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How can I import an excel file to Photoshop?
We can not directly import an excel file to Photoshop. One good option is saving the Excel file to PDF file format then open the file to Photoshop. Two Methods First Method 1. Open the Excel file and take a screen shot using Print Screen of the keyboard. Paste (Ctrl + V) it in MS Paint then save the file as jpg or png. Here we can use a screen capture program like Jing. 2. Open Photoshop program. Go File-Open Open dialog box will appear locate the file then click Open. Then we can crop it and do some basic editing. Second Method STEPS 1. Open the excel file first. Then Click on File-Save As. Select PDF (*.pdf) as Save as and a file name then click on Save button. 2. Open Photoshop then Click on File-New to make new white background document. Next click on Place Embedded then browse the PDF file just converted in step 1. Select the file click on Place button. Open As Smart dialog box will appear. Then click on OK button. Resize the
Where can I get data that is stored in different sources, for example Excel, SQL server, Oracle, etc? I need to build a data warehouse for a university project.
You get data from your different sources thats why they are called sources. There are a few tricks You must get the data out of any proprietary format. So dont attempt to parse an XLS file extract it out to a CSV file (when saving the spreadsheet request that you save it in the CSV format). CSV is ama-separated-view format each field is and separated by ama. This is much more easily parsed by a database loading program like bcp or sql*loader. Use the data loading tools for the database mentioned to load the data into a tables designed to capture this data your staging tables. I am assuming that u do not have access to ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool otherwise you would use that to load staging tables. Finally you will need to design a few reports over your warehouse to show the new design. ordered-list Sounds like a fun project enjoy!!!