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How do I convert a text file into an Excel file where I have a specific pattern in the text file and I need to take the data from that file and put it into .xlsx file in some other format? I need to write code for it.
Thanks for A2A. Okay so you need to write code for it? Let see how this can be done using VBA code. Open an Excel file and copy paste the following code in a VBA module. Sub GetTheTextFileDataToExcel() code Dim intTextFile As Integer code Dim strFileName As String code Dim strArrForLine() As String code Dim strArrForData() As String code Dim lngRowCounter As Long code Dim intColCounter As Integer code Dim strDelimiter As String code Dim strTextFileContent As String code code 'Set fixed values code strFileName = your file pathyour file code strDelimiter = 'Set the delimiter code code 'Open the file as Read Only code intTextFile = FreeFile code Open strFileName For Input As intTextFile code code 'Store the contents of the file in a variable code strTextFileContent = Input(LOF(intTextFile) intTextFile) code code 'Text File is no longer needed close it code Close intTextFile code code 'Store lines of the content in an array code strArrForLine() = Split(strTextFileContent vbLf) code code 'For each line separate data using the delimiter code 'in an array and write this data into this excel file code For lngRowCounter = LBound(strArrForLine) To _ code UBound(strArrForLine) - 1 code code If Len(Trim(strArrForLine(lngRowCounter))) < Then code 'Get the data by splitting the data of the code 'by delimiter code strArrForData = Split(strArrForLine(lngRowCounter) _ code strDelimiter) code code 'Write the data into this sheet code For intColCounter = LBound(strArrForData) To _ code UBound(strArrForData) code (lngRowCounter + 1 intColCounter + 1) = _ code strArrForData(intColCounter) code Next intColCounter code End If code Next lngRowCounter code code MsgBox All file Data exported to Excel vbInformation code End Sub code This will add all the data into your Excel file. Make sure to correctly specify the delimiter and sheet name (where the data needs to be imported). Thanks Sanjay.
How do I create an XML file from Excel?
Suppose you have a file which already contains the instruction on how to create the xml. Then you simply hit File As files. However this function is available only if you have Excel on yourp and if you run it from Windows. For that sake most any version of Office (21 and up) and W (XP SP3 and up) would do. The feature is missing in Excel for Mac installed on a Mac (including the latest Excel 219 or 365) and also in Excel on-line. If the xml template is missing in your file then you need to create one. If so relatively good instructions how to create such a template are included in the Libre Office tutorial. Alternatively you can save the file in question as csv (Comma Separated Values) and use a script in your prefered scripting language to convert the csv (a file) into xml (a file of different structure). Even the good old BASIC can do this with a little coding effort.
What are the top 100 black hat SEO tools in 2019?
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