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Instructions and Help about microsoft excel money download

Hi everyone my name is Kevin today I want to show you how you can use money in Excel and this full disclosure before we jump into this I work at Microsoft as a full time employee now you might be wondering what is money in Excel well the name itself is pretty self-explanatory it's a new template add-in that Microsoft just released on June 15th that allows you to manage and stay on top of your finances now you might be wondering Kevin really you can't come up with more exciting material than finances but hey maybe your future self in 30 40 years down the road will come back to this very video that you're watching now and comment and thank me for this astute financial advice all kidding aside the best way to think of money in Excel is it's like but combined with the power of a spreadsheet now what you could do with money in Excel is you can connect your Excel spreadsheet to all of your different financial institutions I can connect it to my bank account my investment accounts my mortgage and then I could pull all of that data into Microsoft Excel now I personally manage my finances in Excel and I don't use any special add-ins or templates or anything like that and it's a lot of work half the battle is just getting the data into the spreadsheet I have to go to each individual location to pull the data in the great news is money in Excel now does that for me but not only does it get my data into a spreadsheet and also provides a whole bunch of visualizations on top of that data so I could quickly view my spending I can view all of my transactions I can view my net worth so there are all these pre created templates or views on top of my financial data but because it is a spreadsheet and I have all my data in the spreadsheet I could also create all of my own views within the spreadsheet so there's quite a bit of power by getting all of that in of course it all sounds great but there are some caveats one of them is you need a paid Microsoft account so either a personal or a family account the good news though is if you get one of those paid accounts you get quite a bit of value with it so you get Word Excel PowerPoint you get onedrive storage space and you also get money in Excel added in the and there's more value coming all the time the second caveat is you have to be located in the United States currently although the team promises that it is coming two more locations in the near term well anyway why don't why don't we jump on the PC and first off I'll show you how you can get money in Excel.