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How can I import PDF files to Excel 2017 on a MacBook Air?
Are you trying to get the data from a pdf into excel? You can try to copy the data but that depends on how the data is saved in the pdf. You may be able to convert the pdf to then import that into excel. You may need to use a editor or word processor to isolate and format the data first. If you mean that you want to a pdf into excel just google that.
What's the easiest way to import a PDF table into Excel?
You get great results in two shakes of a lamb tail by using Word as an intermediary when copying data from a pdf table into Excel. A pdf file contains hints about how the table should be displayed which are copied to the clipboard and recognized by Word (but Excel does not). That why copying directly from a pdf into Excel fails but pasting into Word succeeds. When you copy from a Word table to the clipboard Word adds its own hints about how to display the dataand Excel recognizes those. Assuming that your pdf table is not a scanned image the simplest and surprisingly effective procedure is Copy the table from the pdf Copy the resulting Word table If the table is scanned in the original pdf I suggest opening the pdf file in Word. Word 213 has a pdf to Word conversion feature and Office has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Between the two of them you just might be able to get an editable Word table out of the data. Once you do you can copy it and paste in Excel.
Is there any tool to import multiple Bookmarks (with page numbers) From Excel To a PDF?
The word import in the question may be throwing me off but in recent versions of Excel you can directly save a PDF formatted document by choosing that file in Excel Save As dialog as pictured below
How can I export my kid’s PDF school calendar into Google Calendar?
Will take some work. Convert the PDF to Excel Youll need to work out the correct format. Suggest exporting an existing item from your calendar into csv and then following the format Source Import events to Google Calendar s
How do I import tables from pdf into Database?
The PDF file format does not contain any structural tags (e.g. like the