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Hi everyone kevin here today i want to show you how you can convert a pdf file to an excel spreadsheet pdf is by far one of the most popular file types and you might have some data hidden away in a pdf that you'd like to analyze in microsoft excel unfortunately it's not incredibly intuitive for how you could take data from a pdf and bring it into microsoft excel it turns out it's pretty easy to do and i'm going to show you step by step how you can get your data out of a pdf into an excel file all right well why don't we jump on the pc and get started here i am on my pc and i have a pdf file sitting on my desktop and i'd like to bring the data into excel to analyze it let's take a quick look at what's in the pdf i have the pdf file open and it's a fairly typical pdf i have an image at the top i have some text below it and then here's the portion of the pdf that i want to bring into excel it's a table with some sales data for the kevin cookie company how do we get this into excel well let's open up microsoft excel and i'll show you how i have microsoft excel open and this is the latest and greatest version that comes with microsoft 365. to bring a pdf into microsoft excel first off let's click into a blank workbook this drops us into a blank workbook and right now it's a completely blank canvas to bring a pdf into microsoft excel let's go on to the top tabs and click on the one that says data once we click on data this opens up the data ribbon and over on the left hand side there's an option that says get data let's click on this within the get data drop down there are many different places where we could pull in data into microsoft excel for instance you could pull data in from files from databases from azure many different places even from the web today though we're going to focus on how to pull data in from a pdf a pdf is a file so let's click on the first one that says from file within the from file list you'll see lots of different file types that you could pull data in and here's the one that we're interested in it says from pdf let's click on this one this opens up the windows file picker navigate to where you have your pdf file on your computer my file happens to be sitting right on the desktop called the kevin cookie company sales by location i'm going to click on this file and then click on import this opens up the microsoft excel navigator and excel has analyzed my pdf to see if there's any data within the.